Using Online Mood Boards In Your Next Online Interior Design Project

In the event you haven’t heard – which suggests you have not been visiting OR viewing Nate Berkus – Online Interior Design Mood Boards and in particular, Olioboard is big.

Olioboard is really a virtual application for making mood boards as well as a community of creativeand inspiring individuals. Originally custom-made for Interior designers – but now used by everybody – it includes lots of archived images to fill a room. If you cannot find what you are looking for within the “shop” you can always add things to your products from various websites. This can be a great tool for expert designers to use and to show customers what their room will look like. Or simply play with it for your personal creative outlet.

I utilized Olioboard to demonstrate how you can significantly change a room by just altering the color scheme and using some of the same furniture. In case your getting exhausted of the area in your house, you do not need to change everything. And this is how

Since I “made-up” this room, it is a representation of my fashion. I am what you’d call Eclectic-Glamorous, I love glamor but value various designs as well

This mood board represents Retro-Glam. Something I’m not frightened of is color! I love this Graham & Brown wallpaper. I added other colors with the blue from the sofa and the grey from the curtains. The side table and the pillows bring everything together. The coffee table is really a modern touch with stainless steel and the marble top with some greenery-plants are an excellent way to include some color.

The second space signifies how you can be bold with your furnishings but still change the look and feel from the space. Still using that amazing blue sofa, I changed out the wallpaper curtains and furnishings for a more subtle, traditional, natural feel. The curtains are from Anthropologie, I really like the color-it’s a grey/purple which adds a romantic feel. The coffee table, rug and ottoman are the natural elements in the space. The yellow table lamp adds some color and the pillows bring every thing together.

Most people like to buy “boring furniture” aka beige, because it’s a big price commitment and they do not want to get exhausted of it in a year or two.

I do not believe that, this is how you can change the appearance of your room with a BLUE sofa. I added a more traditional grey Graham & Brown wallpaper and changed out the pillows to match this colour scheme. I switched out the side table for a nesting table as well as adding more seating. Using this wallpaper but adding more natural/rustic items still makes this space look glamorous, but more of a nature inspired glam. When changing the decor of the room, it can still be expensive, so you are able to always make it a DIY project. Remember: do not be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Check out the photos of our own Moodboard designs at: . What do you think of our designs? And how has Olioboard changed the way you design a room? Let Us Know at