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January 13 this year by the Information Industry Bureau of Foshan, Foshan City, Electronic Information Industry Association, CCID Consulting host “2010 China Small Appliance Market Annual Meeting” in Foshan Jianingna Grand Hotel.

At the meeting, relevant personnel revealed that in 2009, the global small household electrical appliances industry market sales 1.901 billion units, down 4.9%; market sales of 569.3 billion yuan, down 5.3%. The Chinese small home appliance market is a contrarian flying posture, of which 398 million units sold increased by 12.1%, accounting for nearly 21% of the global market; market sales reached 117.5 billion yuan, an increase of 6.6%.

China initially formed industrial clusters of small household electrical appliances

At the meeting, Consumer Electronics Industry Research Center of CCID Consulting, General Manager Dr. Liu Fawang analysis, although in 2007, compared to 2008 data, China’s small household electrical appliances market, sales, sales growth decline, but little affected by the economic crisis affecting the global home appliances market is a downward direction of the background, benefit from the domestic market driven by China’s small household electrical appliances market is still maintained growth momentum.

“With China’s huge population base and a steady rise in income of residents of a small household electrical appliances industry, the fastest growing market.” Liu Fa-wang says. At present, the initial formation of industrial clusters of small household appliances. The Bohai Sea in Shandong Qingdao formed the core of the industrial clusters, the Yangtze River Delta has formed a core, Cixi, Zhejiang, industrial clusters, the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Shunde formed the core of the industry cluster.

” ‘China’s small household electrical appliances Annual Meeting’ held in 4 consecutive years, also reflected in Foshan, Foshan, small household electrical appliances industry, the rapid development and the local government the importance of small home appliance industry.” CCID Consulting CEO Li Jun said. Foshan, the Deputy Secretary for the letter produced Luo flag-ray said that Chinese small home appliance industry for years, will create a service platform for small household electrical appliances, Foshan, Foshan, the entire appliance industry is currently the number has grown to more than 2,000 employees were also more than 20 million .

“Low-carbon concept” become a trend

Looking at China’s small household electrical appliances industries, and other small household electrical appliance enterprises with Europe and the United States to further their production, research and development bases to China, and China as a global manufacturing hub for small household electrical appliances further consolidated. CCID Consulting’s Enterprise Center for Strategic Studies, said Dr. Wang Sanyi, domestic small household appliances enterprises need to upgrade to undertake the transfer of industries and industrial output, the ability to cope with the global industrial transfer bring.

Recently held in Copenhagen, a low-carbon economy has become the global economic hot spots. Liu Fa-wang recommends that companies pay close attention to the small domestic appliance industry, the implementation of new standards, focusing on low-carbon, energy saving, environment-friendly new products, research and development, to seize the high ground a new round of industrial development; international standards for exports of small household electrical appliances more details, request more to the more strictly. “Household and similar electrical appliances-noise limit”, “Soymilk national standard” and other standards.

With the continuous development of China’s economy, as well as home appliances to the countryside, trade-in, energy-saving products, Huimin engineering policies and measures introduced, China’s domestic market is generally good. Small domestic appliance industry faces a challenge and what is it? Liu Fa-wang said the recovery in exports has been relatively slow, small household appliances export growth was impeded; industries with low barriers to entry, most enterprises lack of core technology; channels, lack of brand building, corporate bargaining power is not strong; after-sales service system, imperfect, thus affecting the brand loyalty.

China’s small household electrical appliance enterprises how they can improve their competitiveness? Liu Fa-wang that manufacturers should pay close attention to national policy developments and strive at all levels, departments in charge of special support; for the domestic market in China at different levels of household consumption characteristics, and constantly update and improve the original product design and production process, strengthen product differentiation, introduction of targeted small household electrical appliances. Especially the “home appliances to the countryside”, “urbanization” to bring about expansion of channels of small household electrical appliances, enterprises should strengthen all-round construction of marketing channels to gain access to home appliances to the countryside procurement system.

Small household electrical appliance enterprises to upgrade the core competitiveness of Romanian flag light, said small household electrical appliances industry, information technology is the core content, through information technology to improve the competitiveness of the entire enterprise. In the next week, a letter by the State workers will organize the integration of two meetings will be held in Foshan, “This Foshan industry and the future of the small household electrical appliances industry, has created a growth opportunity.”

Foshan, a small number of listed household electrical appliance enterprises are being prepared

By the small household electrical appliances market, the profit margin higher than the consumer electronics market, “the temptation to” have the influx of various types of capital, which also makes the domestic small household electrical appliances market entry’s crowded times, but after a new round of market reshuffle, and now the small domestic appliance market, apparent The “Matthew Effect.” In this regard, Wang Yi, said the three, small household electrical appliance enterprises need to create is how to help the capital market to achieve rapid development.

In 2008, production of soybean milk machine nine-yang, a manufacturer of Iraqi descent from Foshan Nanhai Li Pu successfully landed on the capital market, in the context of the financial crisis has greatly stimulated the desire of small household electrical appliance enterprises listed. Last year, the launch of the GEM is, in many small and medium enterprises, as the gospel of small household electrical appliance enterprises, listed the 2010 annual meeting is still a hot topic.

Sanyi Wang suggested, small household electrical appliance enterprises to tap the capital market, implementation of “scramble” development, we must first clear the company’s future strategic core that? Many small household electrical appliance enterprises are growing businesses, so investors pay more attention to “corporate future.”

From the annual meeting of the news came from Foshan Glanz, Fuji treasure, 10000, and is preparing for listing, together with the United States prior to the listing, and Kelon, Yi Li Pu, Zhi Gao, Foshan Corps is expected to be small household electrical appliances the industry leader in capital markets, which also confirms the side of the status to Foshan, small household electrical appliances.


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