Chinese home appliance industry, intellectual property rights of another fan competition, the value

China Home Appliances Industry is the one relatively mature industry, has formed a perfect competitive system, the strategic framework and

Service Mechanism, so imitated by other sectors. With the arrival of the 21st century, world economic integration intensified, the traditional home appliance industry build the door to competition has been unable to withstand competition from multinational reconstruction offensive, that the new IP-based mode of competition. .

Recent years, the Chinese appliance industry experienced intellectual property protection and disputes, international trade boycott and the anti-boycott, technical barriers such as growing and expanding set. On the one hand, developed countries use anti-dumping or other means to set special restrictions on Chinese home appliance industry, many low-skilled, labor-intensive products blockade; the other hand, when the Chinese high-tech enterprises, high value-added export goods, but faced competition from the use of well-developed intellectual property to implement the containment building.

Therefore, how to deal with the rising trade friction and intellectual property disputes, mitigation and avoidance of conflicts in international trade relations has become a modern enterprise must be in-depth thought.

First, open a different door, into the different halls 80s of last century, multinational corporations by providing technical, transfer of production lines, with the fledgling Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises to seek cooperation in order to enter the Chinese market. By 2002, the Chinese-owned multinational companies began to produce the successful completion of strategic restructuring. At the moment, the traditional home appliance industry build the door to competition, such as sales of competition, price competition, channel competition, and create a competitive, brand competition, local enterprises no longer have the competitive advantage.

At the same time, the new value of another fan door was open, and foreign competition through intellectual property rights, to become a weapon in the hands of intellectual property advantages, competitive situation quickly build the new period.

The so-called intellectual property rights, is the main basis for citizens or legal persons such as law, its intellectual creativity or innovation in the knowledge products produced by the exclusive rights enjoyed, including patents, trademarks and industrial designs and so the composition of industrial property. The appliance industry is mainly household appliances aspects of intellectual property patents, trademarks and designs and other rights.

As the Chinese appliance manufacturing industry started than Europe and the United States, Japan to night, home appliances and many of the standard replication and copying of intellectual property rights is foreign, and therefore the overall level of China’s home appliance industry is lagging behind. According to the State Intellectual Property Office in 2006, a group of data, China’s core technologies with independent intellectual property rights of enterprises is only three ten thousandths.

The same time, Chinese enterprises lack the necessary intellectual property protection concepts, many industries, enterprises do not have enough attention to the protection of intellectual property, intentionally or unintentionally, a large number of violations of intellectual property of others. If foreign companies want to enter and occupy the Chinese market, will use their very familiar with the market rules conducive to foreign companies if the time comes, they will be granted the patent owner’s use of intellectual property protection clause to force China to retreat from the market, boon. Therefore, Chinese enterprises will face intellectual property disputes doubled in the next few years, Chinese enterprises will pay a heavy price.

Two Chinese companies, how to open the door of the value of intellectual property From the Chinese home appliance industry can be seen, simply has no way out of manufacturing, Chinese companies must have independent intellectual property rights of R & D design, implementation, Made in China to create from the change, This is the Chinese enterprises to participate in global competition the key. Chinese enterprises to go abroad market competition, we must apply its own patent, which is a means to protect themselves.

Intellectual property strategy in the United States, Japan, South Korea, the management of transnational corporations occupy a very important position, to Siemens, for example, in the global intellectual property management department with 12, 400 intellectual property management staff manages all intellectual property rights of the company about 15 million items. Philips has 10 companies in the world of intellectual property offices, about 150 intellectual property professionals, the management of the company’s 65,000 patents, 21,000 trademarks, and 6,000 designs. Intellectual property rights of these enterprises manage large data we can easily find the road of intellectual property protection in China a long and arduous.

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