How Difficult Is Amtico Flooring To Install

An Amtico floor is just about the most hardwearing and practical alternative to real wood.

A huge selection of Amtico flooring in the latest natural wood designs that are available These range from the softest shades such as white maple, to the mid toned classic oaks, and on to the darkest colour in our range Wenge Wood.

All Amtico woods are genuine British made commercial grade (not the Asian made Spacia or Karndean) and are manufactured in ‘tick’ finish in the standard 114mm x 915mm standard size.

Choosing an Amtico floor means you don’t have to worry about long term maintenance- your floor will never need sanding or re-finishing. The tough abrasion resistant surface will repel stains and moisture making it an ideal choice for wet areas such as bathrooms and shower rooms, and heavy wear areas such as hallways and entrance lobbies.

Amtico wood authentically replicates the natural product and it’s true characteristics.
The Stripwood is highly variable in grain and decoration. Please consider this in your product choice as online images only display a small section of the material.

Installing Amtico wood flooring can be undertaken by any reasonably competent DIYer with little in the way of equipment. If you are installing onto an existing wood floorboard, chipboard, or MDF sub-floor, it is always good practice to install a new plywood base first. This ensures long term wear, it will also prevent undulations showing through your new flooring.

If your sub-floor is reasonably flat, 6mm exterior grade moisture resistant plywood is adequate. This should be fixed at 15-20cm centers with screw nails.
If your sub-floor is old and extremely uneven, a higher grade plywood 9mm or 12mm should be used. However before installing this, level off any hollows with a latex screed compound. Otherwise the new flooring will never be completely flat.

After Fitting the plywood, spend as much time as possible filling any gaps in the joints, and knocking down nails flat. Then take down any high spots with a medium grade sand paper. More Time taken on preparing the sub-floor will produce huge dividends when you have installed you new Amtico, so do not be tempted to cut any corners.

Depending on how flat and smooth you have managed to make thesub base, it may be necessary to apply a further leveler such as Ardex “Feather Finish” which can be applied thinly without the risk of delaminating

If you are installing over a solid floor e.g. concrete, asphalt, quarry tiles, stone flags etc. it is imperative that your do a thorough check of the moisture content of the sub-floor. Even a slight amount of moisture in a sub-floor will cause Amtico flooring to start lifting within a very short period of time. Your investment will then be wasted, as the floor will be beyond repair.

Check in the first instance for the presence of a dpm, which should be visible on your outside, walls maybe the first or second line of brick or stone. If there is none evident, and yourhome was built before 1960, then it is best to assume that there is no damp proof membrane in the sub-floor.

Your only option then is to apply a surface dpm to the sub-floor. These are a 2-part epoxy resin coating. These are easy to apply, but can take up to 48 hours to cure. The most widely used product is ES3000 made by Treetabond.

Once you have a dry clean solid sub-floor, a leveling screed should be laid. Always follow the screed manufacturers instructions with regard to the use of priming or bonding agents. Remember that if the screed de-bonds from the sub-floor, your new Amtico floor will also fail.

The screed should be rubbed down as smooth as possible beforefitting your Amtico flooring. Any trowel marks, high or low spots will soon become evident once you have a new shiny floor fitted over the screed. Therefore more time and effort spent on the preparations will be rewarded with a superior final floor finish.

The Amtico flooring should always be installed using the approved Amtico adhesive. For wet areas the Amtico ‘Universal’ adhesive should always be used. Amtico flooring can be laid onto underfloor heating, provided that Amtico HT (high temperature) adhesive is used. For all other areas, the standard Amtico SF (solvent free) adhesive can be used without problems.

As with most, Amtico flooring will benefit from regular maintenance. The Amtico floor dressing will give enhanced protection from damp and abrasion. The Amtico Cleaner will effectively clean your floor without removing the Dressing. However, when the time comes to renew the dressing,

Amtico Dressing Remover is a powerful and aggressive stripper, which makes light work of removing heavy build-ups of old layers of floor dressing. Guidance on maintenance is available from the Amtico flooring website.

Home Decor

Filed under Clock for Home Decor analog leather wall clock analog metal wall clock Wall Clocks Today, Wall will continue to receive a huge amount of attention and be viewed as a foundation for design and decoration in home space. Walls with modern decorations are the perfect backdrop to display your own creativity and make your walls as a topic point. Wall decoration becomes more and more important one part of home decoration.

If you have ever visited homes with new stylish fashion wall decoration, you find your eyes drawn to what is on the walls and who hasn’t been caught staring at the walls instead of the person you are talking to. Obviously, those beautiful and artistic wall decorations had give your home a cool effect. Often in this type of home where the walls are interesting visitors cannot help themselves drifting around the room admiring the decoration.

Today, people will be spoilt for choice as there are so much beautiful and artistic items for choice such as mirrors, wall lights, artworks, textiles, and so on. But it’s very import to make your choice of wall decorations suits for your room style and theme. In this article, we look at some trendy wall decorations your can affordably use to give your room a makeover.

1. Wallpaper

Wall decal is a remarkable way to create an extension of the head quickly in the room, creating a larger sketch to the impact of additional. An elegant wallpaper designs works great in both contemporary and traditional decorations, because even if they are bold, they are succeed to maintain the cozy atmosphere of your living room and bedroom.

2.3D wall tiles

The application of 3D walls in your home or commercial space signifies a new trend in interior design to make dull environments come alive. Wall panels that are three-dimensional are available in range of materials including eco plant fiber, carved MDF, and the latest addition to the family of 3D textures are faux leather tiles

3.Wall Clocks

A unusual wall clock hangs on the wall as decoration which is not only useful to read time but also adds to the beauty of the room and catch the attention of onlookers. For fitting the color and the style of your room, you can different design to fit the color and theme of your room. They could be analog metal wall clock or analog leather wall clock design like bouquet, stars, daisy, lotus, or a theme advertising themed clocks, retro clocks, old railway station type clocks, and so on which those can be pick up on line of clock suppliers.

4. Chalkboard paint

Chalkboard paint is a great way to turn a wall into a writing space, you can make your own in many colors! You can paint them in a child’s room or in the kitchen or dinner room where you like. Those creative painting will keep your home on the cutting edge of the latest trend.

5.Textiles art and rugs

Fabrics and Textiles are always a wonderful wall decoration idea and an interesting fabric can be stapled onto a simple frame to make a wall decoration piece. And with the help of simple DIY techniques, larger rugs with more character can become vibrant wall hangings which can add a medieval feel to a room.

How To Find Quality Discount Bathroom Vanities At The Right Price

It isnt necessary to neither spend a fortune on bathroom vanities nor settle for the stock vanities. All you have to do is find quality discount bathroom vanities at the right price.

The cost of remodeling your bathroom can add up in a hurry. That is why you need to find good quality discount bathroom vanities for a reasonable price. It isnt necessary for you to break the budget or settle for cheap bathroom vanities that wont hold up over time. If the bathroom vanities dont hold up, you have to change it, the vanity top and all the plumbing.

What to Look for in Quality Discount Bathroom Vanities

The color you choose for your discount bathroom vanities are very important. The reason this is true is that you will be investing a lot of money in lighting, ceramic tile, showers or tubs, sink and other accessories. This is not the time to try to save a little money on the color of discount bathroom vanities or the cabinet pulls or knobs.

You can always look for stock cabinets at most home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot. You will find that there cabinets come in maple, white oak, and standard white. You can assemble them at home of they also come preassembled. These types of cabinets are very inexpensive, since they are made of medium density fiberboard. (MDF)

Good discount bathroom vanities should, at a minimum, have plywood sides. This accomplishes two things. Should you have one of the above accidents, the plywood will hold up much better than the MDF. In addition, plywood will usually outlast MDF and it is stronger.

Where to Find Quality Discount Bathroom Vanities at a Great Price

However, it is usually possible to find quality discount bathroom vanities at home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot.

Most of the kitchen cabinetry manufacturers that are found at Lowes and Home Depot also offer discount bathroom vanities. Many people dont know this and that fact isnt advertised by the kitchen designers because they would prefer to have you to install their more expensive kitchens cabinets.

How to go About Ordering Discount Bathroom Vanities

First, you need to download and print a copy of the bathroom vanities catalog that you are interested in from the Internet. Then take it with you to the store. The discount bathroom vanities are on their computer.

Next, review the numerous sizes of the discount bathroom vanities in those catalogs. Have your kitchen cabinet which is now discount bathroom vanities designer price the sizes that you need. Then add on to that the cost of plywood sides and compare that price to the standard vanity.

Modern Skirting Boards

it is important to get the styling right in modern times to achieve the best value for your is also important that the furniture and decorations match in colour and style.therefore when choosing skirting boards, wall covering and also the flooring, you need to pay attention to designs that will fit together, rather than something just off the shelf.very recently, there have been a wide range of new skirting boards coming to market from innovative companies, offering you almost as much choice with your wooden finishings as with your wallpaper or your curtains.choosing the wood properly will have a great impact on fitting the best skirting boards for your room.

MDF offers a low cost, low maintenance option and lends itslef to being painted any colour necessary.however if you really want to go for that fancy and expensive look, you can choose maple skirting boards (often used in snooker cues) beech skirting boards or even oak skirting boards to give that high quality finish.using a hardwood skirting will give a great natural look to your home but it will also look expensive!you will need to lacquer the skirting, or even varnish and prevent it from getting for the designs, you can go for some more traditional styles such as ogee, torus, bevelled or bullnose. however you can go for much more modern designs such as modern, ribbed skirting, reeded skirting, stepped skirting or even a jazz skirting that is now available!once you have the skirting boards sorted, you will want to lay a nice floor.

carpets are the standard throughout time, however laminate floors, engineered floors and solid wood floors are becoming more and more popular.engineered floors offer great value as they give as good a finish as real wood floor, at a fraction of the cost.when you’ve done the skirting boards and flooring you will want to look at the stair rails, hand rails and picture rails.these are usually best purchased in hardwood such as oak, as they will get more wear and tear than the skirting can normally fit your picture rails quite easily with a spirit level and adhesive.when fitting your stair rails however, you may like to have a professional carpenter visit to do them correctly.

at this stage, you may also be considering your furniture.if you go for standard furniture that will fit the odd space with occasionla furniture, it will be a great way to fill the gap.alternatively you can go for a higher end furniture that will often be made from solid oak and will give a look of elegance to any room.the skirting boards will need to match the furniture, whichever choice you go for.if you have chosen to go for mainly hardwood furniture then it would be most likely that hardwood skirting boards will give you the best result.

if however you just need to finish the room to a tidy fashion then mdf skirting is a great way to finish neatly and tidily without great cost.the best design on the market is solid oak or solid walnut skirting boards.