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Recently, the home appliance chain renewed M & A events, vendors single power between the profits or to continue to vigorously expand the problem and began a series of discussions, the Chinese home appliance chain has a size of a large-scale expansion to whether to continue diseconomies of scale for the emergence of a situation, this appliance industry experts Luo Qingqi home network through the HC expressed their views.

Q: Some hold that the home appliance chain in China has entered the era of post size, how do you think?nk?

Luo Qingqi: I have not seen this opinion, if you really want to think so, then I think that public opinion behind the chain metaphor is that we can break. Wal-Mart is the world’s largest chain of company size are not taken lightly, still gaps in the global market, exploit any tiny opening. The world’s largest electronics chain Best Buy retail enterprises in the United States and Canada, the size of the two markets more than the 240 billion (RMB), and now has just come to China. Chinese home appliance retailers still small, the largest U.S. chain the size of the country just over 100 billion yuan, we and the world’s largest chain to more than was small, we are still in the rapid expansion of the scale of the road, how will the emergence of scale times? Chinese home appliance chain present state of the real small scale, we have long-term future of the most difficult task is to scale, rather than after the large scale. Chinese home appliance chain starting from the birth of their living environment is international, so future development is inseparable from international competition, so that from the pattern of global competition, to examine their own size makes no sense, from the Global Environment to define their own development path is not scientific, is wishful thinking, the scale is the lifeblood of the industry chain in China, there is no global scale will not have the right to life.

Q: Do you think that home appliance retail chain diseconomies of scale of the problem there?

Luo Qingqi: Compared with the international appliance retail home appliance retail in China is the single biggest issue enterprises are too small, even world-class scale have not yet reached, how can it exist diseconomies of scale problem? So there we have the essence of the problem is “no diseconomies of scale” problem, or “small-scale small economy” is too small to bring non-economic. Scale enterprise development is the core of the global chain, chain marginal global development at the global, when she was still stopped when the children enjoy the children, the delicacy of the body is meaningless, the global chain of giant competition, the competition is that he can not become Giant also mention the ability to participate in international competition.

Q: home appliance chain industry development model as differences emerged, and some enterprises in the rapid acquisition, some companies in their own shop quickly, how do you see these two development models?

Luo Qingqi: Global retail chain model of development have been only one model, this is the chain, that is, industrialization, retail, in addition no other mode, so you mentioned two kinds of development mode does not exist , M & A and open my own business but not the two modes are two capabilities, it is like a dance class students is the same, the students jump over the past year is actually a section of knowledge and ability, as long as he has knowledge of a certain grade ability He does not need to in paragraph in this year waste of time, so skip the most economical choice is his. Develop their own network through the acquisition chain is in fact the students skip class, he has a wealth of ability to control the network, why would he want a family to shop then? Time to speed quickly integrated home appliance retailing industry in China is extremely important to the cost and shorten the time for the national network layout is actually lower time cost, reduce development cost chain, which is why even his own shop in the chain are shop as fast as the real reason.

Q: There are chains that enhance the single-store chain operating efficiency is the future development of home appliance retailers focus on, what is your opinion?

Luo Qingqi: I do not know what is meant by the subject. The fact is that to improve the business effectiveness of single-store chain at any time for any development priorities, not the focus of future development, which is the same as with the cultivation, output per mu is the key to the core, there are companies that enhance the effectiveness of a single store their own the future focus may indicate that these companies previously made a detour, but now plans to come back to a single shop efficiency is to bid farewell to the previous extensive management, we should welcome their hands.

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