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feel about state store

Precise localization of store types, strong attack 3C consumer
Products, home appliances chain behind to seek a face-lift is to expand sales and production, supply and integration of autonomy initial attempt.

2009 end
First settled in Shenzhen hunting Period Square boutique. Tiger followed the end of the first and second boutique also in Shenzhen Nanshan District Holiday Plaza Masuda rapid appearance. Relative positioning in the two states of a more high-end stores, and stores the difference between the traditional clear: the concept of product layout and weakens the brand, by product category and performance display; 3C consumer electronics products substantially increase the proportion and
, Digital cameras and other electronic products out of the counter, “binding”, open-frame display free experience for consumers than the right.

In fact, as early as 2007, the international home appliance chain giant
Best Buy
Will experience the pattern into the Chinese restaurant, but the cautious pace of expansion closer to consumer demand to make the new ideas did not have access to rapid growth. In Shenzhen, home appliance chain paraelectric earlier the idea into practice, Vientiane City paraelectric museum and almost immediately following the launch of Best Buy’s lead. Second half of 2009, its stores are well Huaqiang North copy of the open-frame of the experiential model.

With overseas Corps were in formations in the Chinese market significantly faster, with Suning Appliance Chain represented long-awaited transformation of the business model has become increasingly radical. Have baked in the boutiques, shops experience behind, it is home appliance chain in order to expand the autonomy of the home appliance sales, improve profitability attempts carried out: detailed market position, change to self-associate to launch own brand names. CITIC Securities analyst Zhao Xueqin, chief retail industry that the Chinese home appliance chain is still in profit from squeezing suppliers to optimize supply chain transition phase, and from the experience of foreign home appliance chain, home appliance chain through the development of independent brands to upstream, the establishment of independent distribution system to lower the production, supply and integration model is the inevitable trend of future development.
Upgrade to speed up the pace of competition in transition

The past few years, relying on through “account of” occupier class supplier of funds
Mode (see Articles in September 2005 No. “GOME Suning type of financial survival”) to Suning, Gome appliance chain represented by enterprises from the network layout to the rapid expansion of sales volume. 2002-2008 years, Suning’s sales growth from the original 8.07 billion yuan to 102.34 billion yuan, the annual compound growth rate of more than 50% over the same period, Gome’s sales expanded rapidly from 10.9 billion yuan to 104.59 billion yuan, the annual compound growth 46% (Figure 1). The 2004-2008, respectively, both net profit level of 380 million yuan from 1.8 billion and increased to 21.7 billion yuan and 1.03 billion yuan (Figure 2). Mid-2009, Suning, and China have entered the United States and nearly 200 cities above the prefectural level, the number of stores were about 847 and 1212 (including non-listed part), basically completed in the secondary cities of the network layout , began to seek the third and fourth line the city’s expansion, established in the domestic home appliance chain store market dominance. On the other hand, although the domestic home appliance chain in 2008 the top three market share of only 29% of 2001 levels with the United States fairly, the United States, Japan and Germany, respectively the degree of concentration in 2008 reached 46%, 45% and 34%, indicating the Suning and Gome still has vast room for growth, but the negative effects of homogeneous competition has become increasingly evident. Whether the level of sales volume or profit, Suning and Gome is shown to slow the growth trend.

At the same time, in 2009, from the challenges of overseas home appliance chain giants increasingly become clear. The first is that in 2003 the Office of Best Buy entered China. Although the 2006 acquisition of
Five Star
75% of the shares, its market in China, “turtle speed” before the trip, in July 2007 opened the first store, and up to 20 months later, a second store was declared available, but with the 2009 2 Five Star was completed on the remaining 25% of the acquisition, expansion in the Chinese market obviously speed. After 2009, stationed in Beijing after the 2010 plan to present the country on the basis of seven new stores to open 4-5 stores.


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Lack of home appliance chain industry chain quietly hidden off Eagle Electric – Eagle Electric, GOM

Eagle Electrical What? Is supported ambush, is States United States To seek competitive differentiation of one ambush. In accordance with the Huang Guangyu Ideal, Eagle Electric Appliance can not win by large-scale, depend on differences in the supply of operating profit. To some extent, Eagle Electric is a national model for the U.S. single-store operation

Project , Gome stores in the future to seek profitable growth “model field.” This is a precautionary thing, unfortunately Huang Guangyu too optimistic. He overestimated China Home Appliances Chain of the industry growth potential and management level?? This is still king of the wilderness era of capital. In this era of intensive cultivation of differentiated markets, far from the ideal in strong people. .

2006 9 months, the United States in the country two months before the opening of Eagle store, Gome

Drama To incorporate the listing of only 9 months of Yongle. This is a hasty deal, rush to the advance preparation and consolidation of large and medium Yongle very angrily.

Shanghai market share than 5 percent market share, raising over 10 billion in Paradise, why the United States to confront the country Suning?

Really a piece of paper is overwhelming agreement on Paradise bet the last straw? In the States United States M & A Conference Wing Lok, Wong Kwong Yu In a word: Country United States will be more effective use of pricing as a means to combat opponents.

Price will always be the most effective means of market competition. It is this “resist the enemy 1000, self-injury 300” irrational price war industries operated soil.

Paradise than just Gome, Suning a year later to enter the capital markets, there is no power support this full range of price war, not to mention those who are not capital market chain who supplies the appliance. The industry only two or three points lower profit margins, making Rush the two sides in every round of price wars can not be real benefits under, let alone to open up a new battlefield. Since 2003, the industry started taking is no longer a secret weapon and medium and large, chose Triple bigger and stronger in their native lands strategy, have shown changes in the industry to the brink.

People do not realize the situation is so steep turn. In December 2005 when Huang Guangyu registered capital of 1 billion build Eagle Electric, he was well prepared for a long war. But the situation than people. Eagle Electric’s three-year plan of 30-40 stores that will soon become elusive and faces just three months after the rectification.

Fragile market home appliance chain, or even fit a brand new home appliance chain brands. But this is not a country the embarrassment of the United States, with the same sad also Best Buy. December 11, 2004, China

Retail The doors have full market opening to foreign investment, the U.S. home appliance chain Best Buy boss until December 28, 2006 in Shanghai, only to open the first direct sales stores. High positioning of the appliance store and not in the bloody price war be immune?? Best Buy in China has so far failed to produce a qualified answer.

The theme song in the price war, we can not create a new market, we can only break an old market.

From May 12, 2006 Best Buy, Five Star Holdings, the Chinese home appliance chain into the integration phase of the Warring States era. Only a start. Huang Guangyu of capital chariot started more violently hurricane advance: Following the 2006 acquisition of Shanghai Yongle, Dazhong in 2007 after the merger, by the end of February 2008 it formally holding triple … … seemingly impregnable Chinese home appliance chain pattern of the first six strong , instant collapse into a pattern of the top three industries.

States United States eventually to 1,200 stores in the absolute lead the industry received 18% of the market. As a follower of Suning also narrow the gap, when the country 3 times the U.S. acquisition of Yongle stores in Suning’s advantage was reduced to 2 times.

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Foreign home appliance chain sinoces grab internet knows no boundaries – Plastic Masterbatches Ma

SINOCES a prerelease foreign home appliance chain, “Internet knows no boundaries,” the new product front. This reporter recently learned from SINOCES, Best Buy, OBI, Carrefour, Gome, Suning, etc. from over 50 countries and regions to over 200 buyers will be purchasing. Experts believe, SINOCES as consumer electronics industry, the spread of the latest technology and product platform for the global consumer electronics circulation promotion, optimization function is rapidly apparent.

According SINOCES organizing committee, this year’s exhibition theme of “connectivity without boundaries”, the main display and promotion on behalf of the most cutting-edge consumer electronics, “cross-border Internet” technology and products, has attracted IBM, HP, Sony, Intel , Toshiba, Haier, Lenovo, etc. to participate in domestic and international consumer electronics giant, Best Buy, OBI, Carrefour, Metro, the Japanese island appliances, Yamada Electric, Gome, Suning, etc. are nearly 200 large retail chains have been identified parameters will. It can be seen, SINOCES has giant multinational purchasing center

Present, China is the world’s household electrical appliance manufacturing center and an important sourcing base, SINOCES with its own advantages among the Asia-Pacific region’s largest Consumer Electronics Show, has gradually become the world’s consumer electronics industry’s best platform for interactive exchange of information. It is understood, 2007SINOCES to “Internet knows no boundaries” theme, including home audio-visual display, home entertainment, home networking, home appliances, portable office equipment, mobile communications equipment, mobile storage, digital content, software applications and solutions, security products, automotive electronics, including consumer electronics, is expected to 1,300 standard booths, an area of 35,000 square meters, more than 400 exhibitors, is expected to be the largest since SINOCES held a session since the event.

Current foreign appliance chain in China to become the most competitive place, the world’s largest home appliance chain giant Best Buy has acquired Five Star Appliance in China after opening its first store out of direct linkage with the domestic appliance business to start close combat. Foreign home appliance chain management model, the rate of expansion and product differentiation, both fierce rivalry, the competition which products are the most direct and effective, as listed on the first access to new products for the first time the opportunity will release chain have brought about competitive advantage. The SINOCES Asia-Pacific region’s largest consumer electronics products, new technologies and new distribution platform, is the foreign home appliance chain to get the best chance of leading-edge products.

The experts pointed out that flow of business with consumer electronics manufacturers to promote and optimize the role of the SINOCES provides a selection for the flow of future products and technology platforms, is the flow of business to discover new products and to differentiate the source of competition to promote its products on the future trend of rapid grasp, but also greatly reducing the global consumer electronics manufacturers time to market of new products, accelerated the manufacturers, merchants, consumer interaction and exchange, on the prosperity of the global consumer electronics industry playing an increasingly important role.

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