Make Your Own Dressing Room Closet

Dressing room closets are really popular in upscale townhomes and celebrity mansions. Closets like this are ornate in style and dripping with luxury. To create one in your home would give you a fabulous place to get ready for your day or that special night on the town. This can be a really fun DIY project that allows you to express your personal style and taste. These tips will help you to accumulate ideas so that you can create the dressing room closet of your dreams.

1) The lighting is very important; it can make or break your closet. Many people choose to spotlight certain areas to highlight artistic features and illuminate clothing and shoes. A chandelier is almost a must! Track lighting underneath the shelves of the closet helps to give each article a special glow.

Windows and skylights are also popular and let in lots of natural light. Be careful not to hang clothes that could get sun bleached in the path of the light. UV coatings and sheers will help to disperse the light so that you dont have hot spots in your closet. Try to use natural soft bulbs over fluorescents whenever possible. They are more pleasing to the eye. You can install a sensor/dimmer switch so that the lights come on to the brightness that you desire whenever you enter the closet. Just another way to make your closet a little more luxurious.

2) The style of the room can be greatly influenced by your choice of closet system or furniture. Many people install elaborate hardwood shelving and line the ceiling and floor with crown molding to give it a regal feel. However, depending on your style, you could get away with an inexpensive system and give your closet a more rustic or industrial theme.

Another option is to use furniture instead of shelves. Armoires, dressers and make-up tables are popular. Chairs, window seats, and ottomans add a nice touch as well. Standing hat racks and mirrors can make your closet feel more like a boutique. Display interesting hats, scarves, shoes, and special pieces of clothing around the closet to create many interesting focal points.

3) The ceiling and floor should surround the room in style. That popcorn ceiling that your closet or room came with just wont do! You can easily knock down the popcorn with a broom and repaint the ceiling. Metal tiles with imprinted designs make for an interesting ceiling. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and come in silver, gold, white or black lacquer, or even copper. They can be easily painted to suit your taste. Some people have an artist come and paint a mural, clouds, mosaic, or other artistic piece on the ceiling.

Rugs, ornate tile work, and hardwood flooring are popular choices for flooring. Stained and polished concrete can look a lot like marble and allow you to personalize the color of the floor. Concrete can also be imprinted to look like whatever you want. Concrete floors also stay cooler, keeping the heat down in your closet.

4) When everything is in place, choose your clothes hangers. There are plenty of specialty hangers out there that can help your clothes look more interesting and stay more organized in the closet. Satin hangers, wooden hangers, chrome metal hangers, and cedar hangers are popular. Choose the clothes hangers that function in the way that you need them to while looking good with your dcor. Your dressing room closet will be a jewel in your home while reflecting your personal style and taste!