Ideas for Create a Special Space for Children

Adults spend about a third of their lives in bed. Because children sleep longer and may even take naps throughout the day, they spend even more of their young lives in their bedroom. Parents who make an effort to create a space for their children that is comfortable for them and stimulates their imagination tend to have happier and emotionally healthier children. The furniture in the room is only the first step.

To help young children be more comfortable in bed, parents should choose a bed that is just soft enough for their child. Beds that are too firm can be uncomfortable and make it more difficult for kids to sleep through the night. Mothers and fathers should invest in the best bed they can afford for their children. A high-quality mattress will last up to eight years so it may only need to be replaced once during their childhood.

Accessories are just as important as the furniture when it comes to a child’s bedroom. A toy box is a staple in a child’s room and it should be large enough to hold all of their toys but also easily accessible so the child can retrieve the toys from the bottom. Many parents allow their children to help them create a theme for their bedroom and they select wall hangings, bedding and other accessories to go along with that theme. The theme for a child’s room could be related to an animated character, a sport or merely a color scheme. When the child is involved in choosing how their room looks, they’ll be more comfortable sleeping alone in their bedroom.

Lighting is also essential in a child’s room. As they get older, children might like to read or study in their bedroom. Although ideally, they use natural light for this, having sufficient lighting in the room so the child doesn’t have to strain their eyes will protect their vision as they grow. Parents of young children might want to consider getting them a fun nightlight. The best nightlights use a timer so the light isn’t on all night and kids can learn to sleep in the dark.