Discover More About Sucupira

One of the latest and greatest hardwoods to hit the United States is Sucupira. This South American tropical lumber has been recently introduced to American homes and businesses. This Brazilian hardwood is also a wonderful, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly substitute to composite, PVC, and pressure treated woods. Many Europeans already enjoy the benefits that Sucupira decking and Sucupira flooring provide. Sucupira is sometimes known as Chocolate Decking or Chocolate Flooring and is a favorite among high-end European designers.

With rich brown colors and light gold striping, Sucupira is a wonderful flooring option. It is also very resistant to water as well as termites, mold, and decay. Make no mistake; this is one tough and durable hardwood decking option.

With a Janka hardness rating of 1980, this exotic hardwood will take a pounding better than softer wood options like cedar, pine, and even California redwood. Its density is a definite asset because denser woods tend to outperform and outlast more expensive materials that are unnatural. After all, the last thing you want out of your decking is to pay through the nose for it at first, get sold a bill of goods that it will last, only to have it fall apart on you due to mold, mildew, and decay. With solid wood materials like Sucupira, nature has already made it resilient to those common problems while also making it beautiful.

Sucupira is a versatile hardwood and has been used in many other non-residential applications. There are commercial projects throughout the world that use this wood. Some of the common places you can find Sucupira wood being used are in boars, furniture, railroad ties, and structural supports. Many high end furniture makers really love to use this wood to build Sucupira furniture because it creates truly unique pieces. After all, there is a lot of oak, or other wood furniture out there, but a chair, table, or cabinet made of Sucupira is truly a special piece.

Likewise, when people buy Sucupira lumber for major commercial projects, they are sure to create unique structures that stand out.

When you look at any outdoor space or floor made of Sucupira, one thing will be perfectly clear. This wood is very special. Many people rave about the gold tones that this wood has. It is those gold tones that, after its installed or the piece has been made, that really make structures and furniture shine. Also when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendliness, Sucupira is a sustainable wood that comes from managed forests.

The above is just the start of why Sucupira is a wonderful hardwood species to consider for your next major commercial project. There are also some wonderful wholesale decking and Sucupira suppliers that are starting to import this extremely durable and beautiful exotic hardwood species.