Bathroom Trends Of The Future

Bathroom design is a skilled art, requiring talented professionals to combine the latest trends and fashions with advanced technologies and scientific expertise. Successful designs are conceptualised through insights into the practical needs of consumers and contemporary popular culture.

With these factors in mind, its possible for designers to predict the direction in which future trends are going. Prominent trends for the future have been observed as avant garde design, an awareness of the environment, fashion, acute and simple versatility and technological advances.

Avant Garde The new and unusual
A flair for the avant garde translates into bathroom design as a touch of the eccentric and the extraordinary. This bathroom trend involves warmth and delicious softness.

Rich, ambient lighting coupled with velvet materials for carpets and curtains in dark shades create a warm feel. This contemporary style places importance on high volume fittings such as a deep freestanding bathtub with the latest fittings in modern designs. These include taps made from high quality materials such as chrome, steel and brushed nickel.

Green (Blue Responsibility) Wellness, economy, eco-conscience
Ecologically friendly bathroom design has become the most popular choice in bathroom trends. With increasing emphasis on the need for awareness around our planets diminishing resources, eco-friendliness in the home has become both a trend and a lifestyle choice. In the bathroom, you dont have to compromise your comfort or shower to be green.

Eco-friendly design is focused around efforts to sustain natural resources and conserve energy. Water conservation is important, and can be achieved through special bathroom systems which recycle waste water and purify it for other uses without damaging the environment. Recycled waste water is known as grey water and can be used for watering the garden and for flushing the toilet.

Bathrooms that recycle grey water can save up to 50% of the water which would have been used with a normal bathroom system.

Fashion A visual statement
With the home becoming more of a social space, designer bathrooms have started to encompass specific and central pieces of focus to create a fashionable theme in their design.

Chrome bathroom fittings are minimalist and those featuring interchangeable features are a suitable component of this style. Taps and other fittings should be elegant and luxurious yet minimalistic.

Simple Versatility Sophisticated and chic with comfort
Bathrooms which feature practicality for family use are another popular emerging trend. Large open spaces without constraints and multifunctional innovative fittings feature in the style. The design uses sophistication, functionality, class and comfort.

Private Spa Relaxation and regeneration
Personal wellness, relaxation and luxury are important features in bathrooms, especially to escape from the stressful environment in which we live. A spa conjures ideas of great luxury and splendour and the private spa trend in bathroom designs encompasses a rejuvenating and calming opulence in a private and sophisticated setting.

Features of a private spa design include sensory effects such as massage functions and shower heads created to simulate rainfall for a peaceful and relaxing experience.

Techno Technological and sexy
Gadgets and technology add a modern element to large bathroom spaces. Luxurious and technological fixtures such as shower massagers and body jets provide a futuristic showering and bathing experience. These are complimented by the latest innovations in ultra-modern electronic equipment such as televisions and speakers, always keeping the bathroom space connected to the world and up to date on the latest events and current affairs. A technological bathroom is sophisticated and practical.

Bathrooms are not only functional, they make a statement. They begin as a blank canvas upon which stylish and functional art is created.

Bathroom designers combine different tastes, themes and trends to establish forthcoming styles of bathroom design. Quality should never be compromised and fittings such as taps and bathtubs should always be built from the finest materials and resources to ensure the longevity of a designer bathroom.